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March 21, 2013
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Nolan Finley (Detroit News)


Detroit native Carson could break barriers in Senate race

ben carson

Dr. Ben Carson is a Black History month staple. Each February, schoolchildren hear the story of the impoverished African-American boy from Detroit, a struggling student whose mother made him read two books a week until he bloomed into a scholar.

Leaving Detroit for Yale, Carson eventually found his way to John Hopkins, where he became one of the world’s most preeminent neurosurgeons, gaining international acclaim in 1987 for performing the first separation of twins conjoined at the head. He is held as an African-American hero.

But some are calling him a token, an Uncle Tom, a traitor to his race. Why?

Because he came out of the closet. As a conservative. Maybe even a Republican. And African Americans aren’t allowed to be Republican and keep full membership in their race.

The furor over Carson’s politics began in February, when he was invited to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast.

The doctor told an audience that included President Barack Obama that the president’s policies are hindering economic growth and opportunity in America.

Liberals screamed that Carson was parroting right-wing talking points and disrespecting the president.

Social networks lit up with diatribes against Carson, calling him a “house negro” and worse.

All of which, of course, caused conservatives to fall in love with him. They invited him to keynote last week’s CPAC 2013 gathering, where the Republican right included him on a list of potential GOP presidential candidates.

About that prospect, Carson, who officially calls himself an independent, said: “If the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me do it, I would.”

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In Bruce Township, Richard Cory will face write-in candidate Randy Ingersoll for the position of supervisor.        Jonathan “Randy” Ingersoll is a write-in candidate for the supervisor position of Bruce Township.  In an story written in the Romeo Observer, Randy states…


       “Among other things, I don’t like the election process that has given Bruce Township a single choice for general election,” he said. “I would like to give everyone a write-in option.”
       Ingersoll said his background in engineering, construction and facilities management would give him the ability to address the sewer debt, bring civility to township relations and keep the budget balanced.
       “The current administration has done a good job reducing expenditures, and if I can I’ll maintain that trend and keep it going,” he said.


The RATP has also learned that Randall Ingersoll is 52 years old, semi-retired, with a professional background in engineering, construction and facilities management.  He has never held a political office before.  Randy has issued the following statement:

Events during this current election cycle have convinced me that the best and only thing that I can do for the Township is to launch a late write-in campaign. Voters now have a true Republican write-in option for the Township Supervisor in the November 6th election. The Township needs a Supervisor that has the managerial capabilities and technical skill set to accomplish a smooth transition of leadership that will take the Township forward to greater prosperity.  Bruce Township is in a unique position to take advantage of the anticipated economic recovery. My intention is to keep moving forward with the plans to make our Industrial zone a flourishing economic base that brings additional revenue into our community.  I intend to bring civility and inter community cooperation back into the normal mode of operation in our Government.  I will strive to keep growth under control by listening to the residents of our Township and supporting policies that continue to keep our reasons for living here intact.  This will show individuals and businesses that Bruce Township is the place to be.  These are the real issues that I believe are of concern to the residents and businesses of Bruce Township. Your vote for me is a confirmation of these ideas.
Randall expressed frustration that several of the candidates are actually democrats running as Republicans-even write-in Tres Servitto Smith Who ran as a D against Brockman the first time around, and just lost to Brockman in the primary this cycle.  Especially Cory. Don’t know if you got the flyer from Tres–She’s recommending a ticket of Cory, herself, Obrecht, Falker and Z Fowler( a Democrat).
The RATP does not endorse candidates and merely hopes to educate voters, prior to election day.

Watch (here) as your local candidates address their constituents during the RATP October 22,2012 Rally and Local Candidate Night.


The Romeo Area Tea Party will be hosting an

Election Rally on Monday, October 22nd (6:30)

at The Palazzo Grande, 54660 Van Dyke, Shelby Township

Guest Host, John McCulloch

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Romeo Area Tea Party presents “Dinner with

Michigan Supreme Court Candidates.

September 24, 2012

Doors open at 5:45pm.  Dinner and Opening Ceremony begin at 6:30pm.
Location: The Palazzo Grande, 54660 Van Dyke, Shelby Township

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Justice Stephen Markman

Justice Brian Zahra

Judge Colleen O’Brien

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Monday, August 20th @ 7pm

The Romeo Area T.E.A. Party will host a “Washington Update” with guest keynote speaker U.S. Congresswoman Candice Miller. Additional speakers to include Barbara VanSyckel, Macomb County Republican Party Executive Committee Chairperson and Victoria Czapski, Macomb Victory Center Director.  The RATP monthly meeting will be held at The Palazzo Grande, 54660 Van Dyke, Shelby, Michigan.

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Duty calls for all registered voters on August 7th, as Michigan holds an important primary.
Though tempting, we at the Romeo Area Tea Party cannot officially endorse candidates, nor tell you who to vote for in an election.  Our stated Mission Statement and Philosophy frown on such actions.  What we can say is… the general foundation the T.E.A. Party is based on “conservative” principles, almost always fiscally conservative and very often socially conservative.  Like our Founding Fathers, T.E.A. Party Members frown on excessive spending and run-away taxation.  Spreading the wealth using government redistribution techniques is “not fair”.  Individual voters can better determine when and where to spend, save and contribute their money.  And finally, like our founding fathers who “Threw Out the Bums” when the Boston Harbor filled up with crates of TEA one night, so often goes a T.E.A. Party member’s vote.


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Can I vote a “split” ticket?

August 7, 2012 Primary
You cannot “split” your ticket (i.e., vote in more than one party column) when voting in the Aug. 7 primary. Voters participating in the Aug. 7 primary must confine their votes to a single party column.
November 6, 2012 General Election
You can “split” your ticket when voting in the Nov. 6 general election. A voter participating in the Nov. 6 general election who wishes to cast a “split” ticket can vote for individual candidates of his or her choice under any party or can vote a “straight party” ticket and vote for individual candidates under any other party. The votes cast for individual candidates under the other parties will override the straight party vote in the races involved.

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