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Mitt Romney confirmed to speak at the Michigan Prosperity Forum this Saturday

Romney Joins Herman Cain, Michelle Malkin, Andrew Breitbart and Frank Beckmann

Conservative political commentator and Fox News contributor
Michelle Malkin
 will deliver a keynote address at the Michigan Prosperity Forum in Troy on Saturday, February 25th.

Other speakers include Herman Cain, former presidential candidate, Andrew Breitbart, publisher of and BigGovernment.comFrank Beckmann, WJR 760-AM talk show host, and Ann McElhinney, the Irish filmmaker who dared to take on Al Gore’s environmental extremism. Presidential candidates Newt GingrichRon Paul and Rick Santorum have also been invited.

Following the general session, there will be a boxed lunch, book signings with Malkin and Breitbart, and citizen action workshops designed to help you make a difference for limited government principles in 2012.

San Marino Club
1685 E Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48083

Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Click here to register. For more information, visit Americans for Prosperity-Michigan or call AFP-Michigan at (855) 435-5109.

This posting does not mean that RATP is endorsing any Presidential candidate. We will try to notify you if any of the Presidential candidates have an open event in the local area. We will not post about political fundraisers for specific candidates.

Governor Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney will be in Shelby Township tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

11:00am – 12:00pm

Eagle Manufacturing Corporation 

52113 Shelby Parkway, Shelby Towhsip, MI 48315

Complimentary event; must sign up to attend

Space is limited, so please RSVP immediately. If you have questions please call 248.270.8354 or email

This posting does not mean that RATP is endorsing Mr. Romney.  We will try to notify you if any of the Presidential candidates have a free and open event in the local area. We will not post about political fundraisers for specific candidates.

A smart meter is an electrical device that records consumption of energy in intervals of an hour or less and transmits the data (at least daily) back to the utility.  Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system.


This week Crain’s Detroit Business

presents an insightful article on the implementation of

Smart Meters in Michigan.  Click here to read the full article.

Traditionally your electric meter counts the number of kilowatt hours you consume in electricity supplied by Detroit Edison every month. As you know, the meter reader comes out to your house and reads the value on the meter and you are billed accordingly. “Smart meters” are replacements for those meters. What is different about them is that they have a digital display and a 1 watt transmitter that sends your energy consumption record through the airwaves to a collector meter in your neighborhood which in turn transmits the collected information to Detroit Edison. It sounds like an efficient upgrade in their way of doing business. If that is all there is to it, than there is no need to be concerned unless you are a soon to be unemployed meter reader.

Why Have Smart Meters?

According to a Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) report:

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) was charged under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007) with modernizing the nations aging electric grid. This legislation supported electric infrastructure improvements commonly referred to as “smart grid.” In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provided $4.5B in Smart Grid Investment Grants (SGIG) for select utilities to develop and demonstrate Smart Grid systems. Numerous utilities nationwide have begun rolling out custom configurations of vendor products to execute their Smart Grid vision.1


Detroit Edison was selected as one of the utility companies to develop and test the “smart grid” improvements. Part of the infrastructure improvement scheme includes updating the meters on every house and business. By the way, did you notice the name of the act that funds this program? Yes, it is stimulus money.


How Do They Work?

Smart meters” are essentially a mini broadcasting station mounted on the outside of your house. They transmit your electric usage at regular intervals to a collector meter. Instead of a once per month data point which is a summation of your energy consumption, there will now be a record of minute by minute usage. This, in conjunction with computer chips built into modern appliances in the home, has the potential to leave a detailed record of all of your electric usage patterns as well as a record of any abnormal usage of electricity that may occur in your home. It is even conceivable that “smart meters” could recognize which appliances are being used and for how long. This raises the question about two-way communication. Could Detroit Edison control your appliances? Take a look at another interesting report from the MPSC which states:


Certain applications can be identified as deferrable which means to run later in the day, after the peak. These applications may be different among locations, but common loads include residential electric hot-water heaters, central air conditioners, pool pumps, crop-irrigation pumps, etc. With direct load control, these devices are outfitted with communicating controllers that can run a program that limits the duty cycle of the equipment under control. The utility only exercises the option when necessary. During periods of particularly heavy use of electricity, the utility will send a radio signal to the building in its service territory with this controller and turn off the HVAC for a certain period. This type of control has historically involved residential consumers. As utilities implement advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) as part of their Smart Grid programs, the expectation is that utilities will be able to substantially increase the number of residential customers participating in direct load control programs and also expand participation of commercial and industrial customers. Note that direct load control does not include interruptible load, which remains under the control of the customer who can choose to ignore or override the utility’s instructions (usually under financial penalty).2

Is There A Reason To Be Concerned?

The use of “smart meters” raises 4th amendment concerns. The 4th amendment to the Constitution of the United States says:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

In other words, we as citizens have the right to be secure in our privacy within our own homes. There are many people and organizations which have raised strong objections and concerns that “smart meters” violate the 4th amendment. Is it possible that our private activities can become public knowledge? Can this detailed data be used to incriminate ourselves in a “cap and trade” world if it is deemed that our appliances or habits are outside of their standards?

What Can We As Citizens Do About This?

That is a very good question. Some will say that you can refuse to accept the “smart meter” by putting a sign on you meter refusing the upgrade. Others state that a certified registered letter to Detroit Edison refusing the upgrade can prevent it. Again, there is not a shortage of groups and individuals who are determined to stop “smart meter” installations in their communities and homes. The only advice which can be offered here is to get educated about the issue and talk with you city or township to find out about the plans for deployment in your community. These meters are being installed daily in our area.

1&2 For this and other information, go to the Michigan Attorney General home page and type in “smart meter” in the search area at:


Important questions on the topic include:

1) Who pays for the device and installation of a Smart Meter?

2) Who benefits from the installation of a Smart Meter?

Be sure to read the insightful article written by Crain’s Detroit Business, for more current information on the topic.


In Summary

When the consumer and the service provider agree to implement a strategy to improve services and/or reduce costs, it is a powerful example of free market “capitalism”.  However, when our government dictates the services that must be provided by an industry and/or purchased by consumers, that government has clearly taken steps not yet ceded to it by the people who grant it authority.  The question is:

How long will the people of this country continue to permit its government to chip away at personal rights?


Note: This editorial post was a collaborative effort by several RATP members.  The final edit was completed by Rock Kuchenmeister.

by Jay Corey

Guidelines for Voters

1.       Leave your emotions out of the decision.  Make decisions based on facts and logic. Don’t be swayed by the cheap political tactic of appealing to emotions based on a heart wrenching story of an individual tragedy.  This is nothing but a cheap trick for the weak-minded.

2.       Pay attention to a candidate’s factual history and actions.  Don’t place too much emphasis on promises or platitudes. Rhetoric is cheap and easy.  Look at a person’s actions because they will define his/her character.  Anyone can say anything at any time, but they cannot change their past.

3.       Pay attention to the past associations of the candidate.  Have they spent time with the type of people you would want to spend time with, or better yet, the type of people you would want your children to associate with?

4.       What are the candidate’s actual accomplishments?  Have they made life better for others when they have had a chance, or do they just say they want to in the future?

5.       Don’t be fearful of investigating negative stories about your chosen candidate. Forewarned is forearmed.  Often the negative story has questionable origins. Taken at face value they can seem to be damaging; however, learning the story behind the story can reveal more negative information about the purveyor than the target.

6.       Beware of attacks that come from many different sources that sound very similar in content.  This is often an indication of a coordinated attack or “talking points”.  If you recognize “talking points” you would probably safe in disregarding the content.

7.       Pay close attention to main-stream media stories.  Are they reporting or cheerleading?  Are they biased by always supporting one ideology?  Today information is so readily available that there is no excuse for being lead around by the nose.

8.       Get involved in local politics at your village, township, or city level.  Believe it or not, you will find the same examples of good and bad politicians as you would find at the national level.  It will give you an opportunity to become more intimately involved and will broaden your understanding.

9.       Don’t be afraid to talk to friends, family and neighbors about politics. You may find that you’re not alone in how you feel, or conversely, you may pick up another point of view that you hadn’t considered.

10.   VOTE!  Vote in every election opportunity you have whether it is for local school and library boards, primary elections and of course, national elections. Many good people gave their all to ensure that you have the right to participate in determining your own future and safeguarding the future of your children and grandchildren.

11.   Last, but by no means least, don’t forget our national motto “In God We Trust”.  Pray for guidance

We are adding a new type of event to the RATP portfolio of learning opportunity! All of our events are designed to be a resource to empower you, our membership. In that veign, we will periodically show a movie that highlights an issue that is currently relevant and critical for us to informed about.

This week’s movie:

The award-winning documentary by Black Hat Films

“It’s not just another conspiracy theory”

Written and directed by Curtis Bowers

“AGENDA is the most powerful expose of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far.”
-Ted Baehr, Movieguide      

This event will be held Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, 7-8:30 p.m. at the Washington Senior Center (Washington Township Offices)
57880 Van Dyke, Washington, Michigan 48094        

Check out the trailer for AGENDA below:






Fighting for Faith, Family & Freedom


Friday, February 17th

Doors open – 10:30 AM  Rally begins – 11:15 AM

Complimentary event, bring friends & cameras


Banquet & Event Center

54660 Van Dyke Avenue (south of 25 Mile Road)

Shelby Township, Michigan

Senator Santorum will take questions from the audience.

Notice:  Family-friendly placards/signs only.  We reserve right to prohibit questionable material.

“The Continuing Abuse of the EPA”

Christopher J. Kobus, PhD

Dr. Christopher Kobus is an Associate Professor of Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Oakland University as well as the Director of the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC). He maintains a funded research program in clean energy systems, processes and integration issues including biomass energy, geothermal, wind, solar, and electric grid load mitigation. He has been teaching at Oakland University since 1995.
Dr. Kobus ias also a lifetime Conservative and Tea Party activist. His blog posts have been linked by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Frank Beckmann and others.

Monday, February 20, 2012
7-8:30 p.m.

at our new location:

The Palazzo Grande
54660 Van Dyke, Shelby Township, Michigan 48315

Though no one in the room wants to talk about it, everyone can smell a stench at one end of the House. It has now been 1971 days 4 hours 34 minutes 10 seconds since the Senate passed a budget!


The last day the Senate passed a budget was April 9, 2009. A baby conceived that day would have turned 2 years old last week, and probably would be able to say things the Senate’s Democratic majority has not brought itself to say concerning responsible budgeting, namely,“yes.

As President Obama continues to shift the blame for his party’s gross irresponsibility by asserting falsely that House Republicans are putting party before country, the American people should be reminded that the Senate’s refusal to pass a budget is both deliberate and entirely political.

Congress is statutorily obligated to pass a budget by October 1 of each year. Lawmakers have abdicated their duty by funding the government through multiple, consecutive short-term continuing resolutions. During this protracted period of indolence, the Senate Budget Committee has spent more than $12 million in taxpayer funds on staff salaries and other extraneous expenses, while Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) office has spent in excess of $5 million.

The key to any small business success in America is to follow a budget. But when it comes to passing a budget, our elected leaders in the Senate are incompetent. It is unconscionable that the Senate refuses to do the people’s work and pass a budget that will not bankrupt the country.

Where is the outrage?

 It’s time to get the Stink Out of Washington.

When should we do it?

Take a Stab @ Now!

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