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Easter is the most recognized day to signify Rebirth and Renewal,

much as our own Declaration of Independence is recognized

as signifying the birth of a New Nation.

From the earliest settlers’ Colony at Roanoke (1586) Easter played an important role in the colonists’ lives. Even Ben Franklin marks time in Poor Richard’s Almanac with his quotable “He that would have a short Lent, let him borrow Money to be repaid at Easter.” Ben (as Poor Richard) would go on to stress the power of Debt to enslave men to their creditors. Along with other great thinking, Ben would ponder the origins of the Egg as a symbol of Easter and rebirth.

And try as some might to paint George Washington as a Deist,

his very Tomb refers to the promise of Easter listing the phrase

I Am The Resurrection And The Life…”.

Likewise, the Jefferson Memorial

is a favored location for Easter Sunrise Services.

This Easter Sunday will provide many

opportunities to celebrate locally.

Here is a list of just a few:

Calvary Christian Fellowship Center, 11097 27 Mile Road, Washington, MI

Cross of Glory Lutheran Church and School, 61095 Campground Road, Washington, MI

First Baptist Church, 58774 Van Dyke Rd, Washington, MI

First Congregational Church, 102 Church St, Romeo, MI 48065

Harvest Fellowship of Romeo, 228 N Main St, Romeo, MI 48065

Mt Vernon United Methodist Church, 3000 28 Mile Road, Washington Twp

Orchards Community Church, 74093 McKay Road, Romeo, MI 48065

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 8600 27 Mile Road, Washington MI 48094

River of God Community Church, 230 E Saint Clair St, Romeo, MI 48065

Romeo Church of Christ, 239 West Gates Street Romeo, MI 48065

Romeo First Church of God, 228 Mussey St, Romeo, MI 48065

Second Baptist Church, 250 Dorsey St, Romeo, MI 48065

SS. John and Paul, 7777 28 Mile Road, Washington MI – 48094

St Clement Catholic Church, 343 S Main St, Romeo, MI 48065

St John Lutheran Church, 246 Benjamin St, Romeo, MI 48065

Stone Ridge Church, 7800 West 32 Mile Road, Romeo, MI 48095

Stoney Creek Community Church, 11711 26 Mile Road

United Methodist Church, 280 N Main St, Romeo, MI 48065

Zion Temple, 259 Mussey St, Romeo, MI 48065

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