Below is a list of some great web sites where you can research more about your Country, the Tea Party movement, the U.S. Constitution and the Campaign for Limited Government. Click on any listing below to go directly to informed resources.

United States Constitution

Declaration of Independence

Federalist Papers

 State of Michigan Constitution

American Enterprise Institute

Americans for Limited Government

Americans for Prosperity Michigan

American Spectator

American Thinker

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Brookings Institute

Cato Institute

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Center for Individual Freedom

Center for Public Integrity

Citizens for Traditional Values

Commonwealth Institute (progressive)

Conservative Think Tanks

Council for National Policy

Eagle Forum-Phyllis Schlafly

Economic Policy Institute

FAIR-The Federation for American Immigration Reform

Family Research Council

Galen Institute

Heartland Institute

Heritage Foundation

Heritage Research Institute

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Hoover Institute

Hudson Institute

International Society for Individual Liberty

Jerome Levy Economics Institute

John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs

The Kirby Center

The Leadership Institute

Ludwig von Mises Institute

Mackinac Center

Michigan FairTax

Michigan Votes

The Milton Friedman Institute for Research in Economics

National Bureau of Economic Research

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Review Online

Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

Numbers USA


Open Secrets (Center for Responsive Politics)

Public Agenda

Real Clear Politics


Red Star Diner

Roll Call

Student Statesmanship Institute

Tax Foundation

Thomas More Law Center


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