About Us

Welcome to the Romeo Area Tea Party

We are glad you came to visit and hope to become your primary resource for Romeo Area political insight, thus assisting you in making informed decisions on issues confronting our country today.

Our Mission Statement

To provide and encourage a platform from which concerned citizens can address, discuss, evaluate, and pursue current political issues.

Our Philosophy

To remain a non-partisan organization that recognizes and reviews government policies that may limit the spirit of the Constitution and its powers. Our philosophy is to minimize government control and maximize personal responsibility. It will remain our purpose to inform, educate, and encourage citizens of all political persuasion.

Our Goal

To return control of the government, at all levels – City, County, State, Federal – to its citizens, reduce the size of government, and re-establish the principles and values of our founding fathers through adherence to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Our Means

Through the unity of each concerned group, we will educate through meetings, demonstrate peacefully and responsibly at scheduled events, research violations of the Constitution, propose alternatives when appropriate, and try to change any legislation that infringes on personal rights, responsibilities, and freedoms.

Our History

On February 1, 2010, the RATP held its first meeting in Jean Obrecht’s basement. Jean, Linda Kelly and I had made the decision to search for like-minded people who desired to get together and discuss the troubling state of affairs in America. At that time, we felt alone. Our Constitution had been under assault, our economy was tanking, federal spending was out of control, our loan system had been compromised, jobs were being lost and the list went on and on. For that first meeting our projection was 20 people. It is fortunate that Jean has a large basement, as 50 folks showed up.

We set our second meeting for March 1, 2010, and made arrangements to meet at the Romeo Community Center. We were expecting about 100 people. On Friday, February 26, panic set in as we began to realize that we would have many more people than that, and that we would likely have to turn them away, to abide by fire codes. Once the panic subsided, I made a call to John Bendzinski at the Capital Banquet Center, and he offered to accommodate us at no charge, which was welcome news as we had no money. Over 400 patriots found us that night!

Click here to read the rest of the story, in A Letter from Jan (RATP History)

Our Website

The purpose of our website is to help you locate the resources you need to make a difference in your community.

Across the top of our web site,

we have provided Tabs linking users to powerful web content.

Clicking on the Home tab directs you to our Home page, which includes rally & meeting announcements, articles of interest, links to videos including RATP meetings, and commentaries. The entries appear in a reverse-chronological order, meaning the most recently posted items are at the top.  You can scroll down through these entries, or use the Search feature at the top of the right side panel. Your comments are welcome – click on the   Comment link at bottom of any post.

Roll your mouse over the Events tab, and a drop-down menu will display buttons linking to upcoming RATP events, which you can click on for more information. Click on the Events tab for our full calendar.

Use the Cool Tea Links tab to find out what other local Tea Parties are up to, and links to regional and national groups. Also posted is a video of Rick Santelli’s original “rant” that is credited with starting the Tea Party Movement. A drop-down menu links to information about the now-defeated Fake Tea Party effort.

Our Elected Officials tab provides direct access to prominent elected officials via WebForm email links.  You can also call or mail them directly, with the contact information we provide.

The 2012 Candidates tab includes drop-down menu buttons for topics of interest concerning the 2012 elections, including various Races, Voter Guides, and Primaries, Caucuses, et cetera.

You are currently on the About Us page.

Clicking on our Resources tab links to plenty of opportunities for you to study up on the issues of the day, by reading content provided by recognized authorities in their fields. Rolling your cursor over the Resources tab will drop down menu buttons for links to the National Debt Clock, and Dr. David Janda’s website.

And as always, you can Contact Us by email or join our email list and let us keep you current on the topics of the day, whether they be local, state or of national importance.

In the Panel on the right of our web site,

we have an internal Search engine at the top.  Type key words into the box, and click on the Search button to find entries including those key words, within our RATP website.
In the box below that, you can Find Us at Twitter and FaceBook.

The next lower box, labeled Great Conservative Reads, is a portal leading to Amazon.com.  By entering the Amazon website through this portal, you can view book titles that other conservatives have enjoyed, and/or continue shopping at Amazon.com. A portion of the proceeds of any purchases bought at Amazon via the RATP portal, will be deposited in our RATP account. Thank You!!

In our Very Important Issues box, we regularly update Commentary and Sample Letters about key issues Tea Party members tend to care about. Such issues include: Limited Government, The U.S. Constitution, Private Property Rights, Gun Control, Health Care, Immigration, etc. Every time we post content on the Issues, it is placed in one of these Categories. For example: Clicking on our Health Care category will take you to articles and other published content regarding Health Care Reform.
In our Tag Cloud,  posts are grouped by topics, arranged in alphabetical order.  The size of the Tag name indicates the number of posts listed under that topic – larger font means more posts related to that topic.  Click on a Tag name to view a list.

The Recent Posts tab keeps you up to date with the most current additions to our web site.

Look in the Email box for a link to Join our Email List.

You can read our readers’ responses in Recent Comments.

The Archives section stores our entries according to the month of publication.

Our Local Resources box includes links to various community offices, newspapers, and organizations who service our community.  Their websites often provide support and important information for community residents.

The News Sources box includes links to both metro Detroit and national news organizations, for quick access to the latest developing stories.

The View All Events area at the bottom of the right panel, is an alternative to our Events Calendar.

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