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Tea Parties are simply groups of average citizens, who are trying to restore the country to a Constitutional foundation and encourage our political leaders to employ Conservative principals as they govern our nation. Members of Tea Parties are just like you. They research, discuss and vote based on issues. Voting is important, but an uninformed vote could be wasted. It is critical that you become informed. We are here to help with just that.

Other Tea Party Sites

Lapeer Tea Party Patriots 

Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition

Patriots for America (Troy)

Port Huron Tea Party

Clarkston Tea Party

 Lenaawee 9.12 Forum

Southeast Michigan 9.12 Tea Party

North Oakland County Tea Party Patriots

Central Macomb Patriots Independent Tea Party Patriots – Clarkston, Michigan

Mackinac Center  “Tea Party Tool Box”

Mackinac Center for Public Policy “Resources”

Tea Party Patriots

 Birth of the Tea Party Movement

Rick Santelli calls for a “Chicago Tea Party” YouTube Video The original “rant” that is credited with starting the Tea Party Movement.

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One Thought on “Cool Tea Links

  1. Minoo Inamdar on October 3, 2014 at 6:38 pm said:

    Here is the gist I wrote to Terri Lynn-Land recently-I still have no reply. I have had better luck in getting responses from Michelle Bachmann (maybe not directly from her, but perhaps the staffers):
    I find it very difficult to vote for the republican candidiates, seeing as how the Washingtonian Republicans have become wishy-washy. It is very difficult to even consider voting for the Repubs. because they have not given me a reason to vote FOR them. I keep hearing how the Dems “suck” over and over again, but have not heard what the Repubs. will do to better the nation. We need to have strong, principled, leaders, and the change that we are seeking wont happen if the Repubs are not forceful in their statements about how things will be when they take office. I mentioned to Ms. Lynn-Land that I am very disappointed that it appears that Peters will be winning the Mich. Senatorial seat. It seems that Ms. Lynn-Land has not put forth a definitive plan to combat the D’s, except to say that Peters has done XYZ wrong things for the citizens of Michigan. This is the first time in 20+ years that we do not have any signs on our lawn. Heck I do not even know who is running for the congressional house seat vacated by Peters! This is totally not acceptable. I did receive a call a few months ago from someone from the Michigan Repub. Party and at the end of the discussion he asked me “Why don’t you run?” That is absurd because I do not know politics, Besides that I am retired and really do not wish to get started on another career. The dearth of information from the Repubs. surprises me. Is it that the “establishment” has given up on Michigan and are conceding it to the Dems? So much for my rant. I’ll be there on Mon Sep 6. Most of the candidates will be out of my district, but it does not matter. I appreciate being part of the RATP. —– M

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