B O R I N G is the first word that comes to mind when I see the word Economics.  I’d much rather discuss the beauty of a beach, on the island of Jamaica.

Unfortunately, mid-term elections were not the most important economic event in early November 2010.  While most Americans listened to news reports for election results, that same day Federal Reserve Chairman (Ben Bernanke) announced the U.S. Government would buy back $600 Billion dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds.

I know this is pretty “Heady Stuff”, but stay with me a few more paragraphs and I’ll meet you on that beach in Jamaica.

Treasury Bonds (aka Treasurys) were sold by the U.S. Government (as promissory loans) to cash rich countries like China.  The bonds were sold to raise cash, which the U.S. Government eventually spent.  Now the Federal Reserve wants to buy back the Treasurys.  On the surface that sounds great, but there’s more.  Much more. Click here to read how the Feds announcement touches your wallet… and how you can save money for your next Jamaican vacation.

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There are plenty of public media thrashings and blessings about the Restoring Honor Rally, held at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2010 hosted by Glenn Beck.  Here is a “Behind the Stage” trip report from a Romeo Area Tea Party participant of the Rally.

Read this excerpt…

“Nobody on Television wants “guess the number” of participants at the Rally. Even Fox News has cleverly avoided the “number”, almost baiting the competition to underestimate participation, in terms of “tens of thousands”. Well I’m not afraid to provide an educated guess, while telling you just how I arrived at my number…”

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With knowledge

The Romeo Area Tea Party does not endorse candidates or political parties. Our philosophy is to minimize government control and maximize personal responsibility.  It will remain our purpose to inform, educate, and encourage citizens of all political persuasion.

We strive to return control of the government, at all levels to its citizens, reduce the size of government and re-establish the principles and values of our founding fathers through adherence to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Please use this voter guide to research and educate yourself before you vote on August 3rd.

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Actual Ballot and District Maps

Macomb County Ballot Proposals

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