Building a permanent progressive majority

by Dick Manasseri
Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a low priority issue for most Americans, but one of the highest priorities for the political classes. Why? Because the elites see it as a power and control tool aimed at building a permanent progressive majority.

Maybe that’s why the political and chattering classes continue to engage in outright deception.

Take the American Action Network’s (a nonprofit advocacy group) amnesty video ad that promotes the Gang of Eight’s plan as “conservative immigration reform.”


Legal policy analyst John Feere, writing for the Center for Immigration Studies, a non-partisan research organization, demonstrates the deception of the ad’s claim that the Rubio plan contains the “toughest border security plan ever.”

Feere argues that the border security enforcement provisions are largely at the discretion of President Obama who has “already promised amnesty groups that he will revisit the enforcement provisions that he finds unacceptable after the bill becomes law.”

And Feere challenges the conservative credentials of Rubio by noting, “It is difficult to see how one can be labeled a conservative for supporting an immigration bill that will increase the number of voters for bigger government.”

With millions unemployed, a federal government trillions of dollars in debt, and food stamp use on the rise, one wonders how wanting to increase the size and scope of government, via amnestying illegals, could ever be described as “conservative.”

In his forthcoming book, researcher and blogger Trevor Loudon exhaustively documents the Left’s longtime agenda to use amnestied illegal aliens to build the aforementioned permanent progressive majority.

So who is deceiving who? The American people and the Republican leadership (like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Jeb Bush) are, yet again, the clear victims of the Left’s grand deception.

Today’s immigration/jobs event in Washington, D.C. –

Dick Manasseri is active in the Southeast Michigan 9.12 Tea Party group.

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