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Now you owe me $117.75

Must everything come down to money?  This week Matt December at the Advisor Source Newspapers wrote a well researched front page piece for the Source, “Bruce Officials Fire Back”.  In a nutshell, Bruce Township has a contract with the Macomb County Sheriff for Police services.  In last month’s primary election, there was a ballot proposal to add funding for the Romeo Police department.  The voters rejected that proposal.

Now, the Romeo Police Chief Greg Paduch wants to charge Bruce Township $117.75 (per call) to assist the Macomb County Sheriff in Bruce Township.  The Bruce Township supervisor Jim Tignanelli says “no, we won’t pay”.  We didn’t call you and we have not contracted for your services.

Certainly, it would appear that the people of Bruce Township have made a choice, of which police department they wish to be serviced by.


But, if you decide to enter Romeo by coming down Gates Road, where the speed limit changes from 35mph to 25mph to 30mph in three short city blocks… you better have your foot on the brake, or the Romeo Police department will surely find a way to self fund their services.


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